Laboratorul de Analiza si Prelucrarea Imaginilor

Evenimente Diverse

Meetings at UCSB with other professors. Prof. Motiu (chemistry) accepts to visit UPB this year, as messenger of the president of a very important programme of international collaborations in material sciences, to offer scholarships to Romanian researchers.
Prof. Vasile Buzuloiu, invited at University of California at Santa Barbara by Prof. Sanjit K. Mitra, gives a lecture entitled \\\"Color image enhancement\\\", in which he presents the adaptive-neighborhood method (contained in M. Ciuc\\\'s PhD thesis) and the logarithmic representation method (V. Patrascu\\\'s PhD thesis). Among others, the talk is attended by Prof. L. Rabiner. Prof. Mitra expresses his interest in adapting the presented methods to video sequences.
FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) symposium co-organised by DSI Darmstadt and IFIN-HH Magurele. The main goal: the \\\"memorandum of understanding\\\" step in view of accepting Romania as full member of FAIR. Prof. Vasile Buzuloiu gives an invited talk on \\\"LAPI at CERN 1990-2005\\\". The German party shows its interest in getting LAPI involved in various signal processing projects.
CERN, Geneva: the LAPI - TDAQ/ATLAS collaboration will grow, in the framework of a new research contract between CERN and UPB.